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IP Network System with Recording: This is a complete network-based digital surveillance system. Each camera comes with a built-in web server for the purpose of remote monitoring and recording. It supports TCP/IP networking for live video transmission in the format of MPEG4 or MJPEG. You can easily operate the cameras via the web browser or you can use the supplied video software for viewing and recording. Video surveillance over IP network infrastructure is available and easy from anywhere, anytime!
Wiring, installations and programming set up for: 9 Cameras, DVR and Monitor (with remote viewing).
Includes all wiring materials and connection hardware. $1,900.00.

Local Area Network Wiring.
When it comes to Spy-Cam, Video surveillance, we know all there is to know. Equipment for every application - Commercial, Industrial, Business, Public Facility systems and Office Buildings systems. Miniature video cameras come already hidden inside smoke detectors, lighting, radios, clocks, etc. Some popular lines include incredible, high quality wireless hidden camera systems. Utilizing digital and CCD technology cameras require very little light (.05 lux or better) which makes them perfect for covert or hidden camera applications. Cameras can be plugged into your home VCR and you've got a high quality video surveillance system. We also offer the finest in commercial grade time-lapse recorders and digital recorders.

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