Urgent Contractor Services - Philadelphia.
Emergency, Urgent and Same Day Trade Services.

Emergency Service and Facility Rescue Services for the Philadelphia area

Urgent Facility Response Services, Philadelphia.

Facility Rescue Services for a Quick Up and Running Business.

Car Crash Damage Mending, Philadelphia.

Quick Connect Generator Services.

Fire Restoration Services.

Storm Damage Contractors - Philadelphia, PA.

The all utility, mechanical, power and construction company.
Quick Response Up and Running Services for any Facility, Building, Business or School.

Emergency Response Services for:
Damages, Outages, Wind, Fire, Flood, etc.

Our Trade-Hands Work Force
can be there in a hurry.

Storm Damage Workers - NOW!
We keep your business running.
We keep the facility active no matter what it takes. Telephone and Electric, Heating and
Air conditioning, Water, Roof Cover,
Welding Supports, Power Transformer.

We are a group of well established contractors and trade workers of all sorts. Our experience, insurance, area licenses, our equipment, trucks, employees, etc. give us all the ability to handle any situation - "Cost Effectively". High Reach Equipment.
Hoisting, Rigging. Hauling. Tarping.
Boarding Up and Safety-Proofing.
Clearing of trees and debris.
Work through the night crew.

Quick-Connect Power Generator.

Steel work.
Roof Work.
Concrete Work.
Mechanical Work.
Electrical Work.

Building collapse, flood, fire, storm, power outage, wind, damages, accidents, equipment break-down.

Urgent Computer Network Services.
Continually Ready
to Work for You!
Emergency trades, emergency mechanics, emergency workers, emergency equipment repairs.

Multi Unit Property. Business. Public Facility. Sports Field. Medical Building. Institutional Building. Industrial Building.

Power, Data, Welding, Block, Masonry, Tarp and Tent.
For emergency service - urgent trades and workers with standby readiness for any property, business or facility. Covering the entire Philadelphia, PA, Chester County, Delaware County, and Montgomery County.

The All Trade Advantage
Manufacturing Facility: mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection.
Office Buildings and Facilities:  Mechanical and electrical systems for renovated offices and laboratory facility.
Designed the energy conserving HVAC and plumbing systems for multi-story office building with flexible fit-out.
Pharmaceutical Facility and Clean Rooms. Plastic Manufacturing Facility: Designed a new research and development facility, quality control, and sterilization. Refrigerated Warehouse: refrigerated warehouse for cooling and packaging.
Telecommunications: Microwave Uplink/Downlink Satellite Facility, optimizing the use of energy, HVAC and heat recovery.
Assisted Living Facility: Provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing and engineering services.
Assisted Care Facility: Improved electricals and mechanicals.
Oak Lane Philadelphia - Delivering Action PLUS, Information PLUS, Reliable Contractor Services PLUS.

Urgent Services - Philadelphia.  Surety for your property.
Commercial Business, Public Facility, House of Worship, Industrial Property.