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High Lift Platform - Mechanicals, Electricals, Sound, Surveillance, Lighting.
........ Aerial platform for your warehouse, auditorium and gymnasium.

Warehouse Lighting from a Scissor Lift. Exterior Jobs from
Scaffolding. Repair work from an Extension Boom. A full range of platform heights from 19 ft. to 40 ft.
Long battery duty cycles for hours of operation in multi-shift conditions.
Smooth controls combined with fast lift and drive speeds.
Getting it done up high. Construction, Industrial, Maintenance, Mechanical,
Entertainment and Institutional, Warehousing, Lighting Retro-fit,
Hotel, recreation and educational facilities

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We deliver HVAC units to your rooftop.
Business and Apartment Complex Maintenance, Industrial Warehouse, Public Facility Maintenance and Commercial Retail Space.
Mechanicals, framers, painters, carpenters, electricians, drywall and plasterers and builders.
We know the fire codes and know how to deal with the Fire Marshal of your town.

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more performance than many competitive contractors. We Power-up for any job-site environment.  Our licensed and insured workers and professionals will do the job  economically and on time.  Let us deliver our equipment to your jobsite. Call Contractors Solutions the joystick control  designed work force.
High Lift Platform Mechanicals.
Aerial platform, warehouse, auditorium and gymnasium.
Building a scaffold, lighting a stage, remote controls, tough spots - Just ask us.
 Hazard identification. 
The Scaffold User Hazard Awareness Program is designed to help the scaffold user recognize the hazards on various types of scaffold.   It lasts approximately 3 hours and incorporates a Power Point slide presentation that encourages student participation.  This course includes hands erecting of a 6' standard tower with ladder access, guardrail and toe board. The scaffold will be fully planked. Safety features are abundant starting with our hallmark scissor design that maximizes rigidity and stability thus promoting increased worked productivity, lift relief valve that limits capacities, manual lowering valve and all motion audible alarm.   Load them up with a full compliment of convenience and performance options such as independent hydraulic leveling outriggers, 3500 Watt generators, power extension decks and much more. Load them onto a trailer or elevated work area with standard built-in lanyard and  forklift accommodations. The Most Field-Service Friendly' aerial work platforms available. Anywhere. Reduced and simplified maintenance come standard with debris-resisting slide-out engine trays, color-coded wiring, dry-packed scissor bearings, oil level sight glass and hour meter to facilitate with proper maintenance intervals.  Aerial Work Platforms. The most reliable scissor lifts in the world - continue to get even better.

 Interior and Exterior - Way up high - No Problem.

Every type of job - Way Up High!

Theatrical, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Public Facility, Church, Synagogue,
Business Complex, Office Complex.
Special Events, Lighting Set Up.

auditorium lighting service, high reach, lighting, lighting fixture reconditioning, scaffold, stage, controls, spots, isle lighting, reconditioning, refinishing, recycled and redesigned.

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About Safety! Fire protection, explosion proof enclosures, emergency signals, debris preventing arc / flash, asbestos enclosures and fuse cut-outs. Combine fire protection with other indispensable functions: we can provide you with integral flush-mounted lighting, inspection hatches and much, much more. Maintenance-friendly Swing-Down systems, innovative ceilings with patented Drop-Slide operation.

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Scissor Lift Property Maintenance, Philadelphia.

Scissor Lift Property Maintenance Services for a Public Facility, Philadelphia.

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Multi-Tenant Resources Scissor Lift and High Reach Workers.

High Reach Scissor Lift Services for the House of Worship all around Philly.