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Examples of jobs by Able Group Inc. on Lighting Poles

Routine Maintenance, Re-Lamp, Re-Ballast.
Pole Damage Repair and/or Replace.
New Installations and/or Changes needed.
Underground Power Service.
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New Parking Lot Poles & Exterior Area Lighting.
We'll visit your property and design a lighting plan that is both cost effective and energy efficient. Our years of experience in providing good common sense planning and installations makes us the one to choose. Need to get up high? We are the cherry picker service crew to handle any job.  We are high reach electrical service and facility maintenance for every purpose. Need an electrical contractor for an over the phone quote on new parking area lighting?  We have light poles, concrete poles, wooden poles, utility poles and custom made poles. We handle and damaged parking lot pole anywhere around Philly, Delaware County, the Main Line, Lower Merion and Philadelphia, PA.

Lighting Poles and Foundations  WE ARE the Experts on what is needed.

Call us for any difficult location lighting repair work.
New installations and upgrades for fuel stations, community centers, shopping centers or any public facility.  Parking lot lighting design or re-design.
Swaying Poles and Lighting Pole Foundation Renewal.
LED Parking Lot lights provide best overall performance. Ask us about fixture choices for the ultimate brightest performance and value. Is it time for some area or parking lot lighting upgrades? Your search ends with our LED experts. LED parking lot lights and LED pylon sign lighting will provide long lasting reliable service. Ask us about LED drivers, automatic lighting activation systems, advanced photo eye controls. LED replaces the old 1000 watt metal halide MH. Its 5000K light guarantees a clear and bright light. This LED light contains heavy-duty diffuser for no glare, helps to resist water and dust particles and equipped with a driver that accepts 110V, 277V and 480 volts.

New Installation Info

These Pole Fixtures are supported by a  24" diameter, reinforced concrete foundation  (55" deep), with 24" long X 3/4" diameter embedded anchor bolts.

The Fixture Heads are available in H.P.S. (amber color light) or M.H. (white light) and are available in 150, 250 & 400 watts.

This typical foundation shown on the right is an industry standard for a 20 ft. pole and costs approx. $1,000.00

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