Contractors for Medical Office Equipment around Philadelphia by Able Group Inc.
Medical Office Installation Experts for the Philly and Tri-State areas.
Doctor's Office Receptionist: Desks. Customized Counters and File Equipment.
We're a "Medical Facility Contractor Services Group".
Doctor's Office Electrical, Mechanical, Sanitary Plumbing, HVAC, Signal and Alerting Systems & Handicap Restrooms.
Professional Contractors for the:
Medical Office
All Electronics and Electricals
Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilating.
Clean Rooms.
LAN Business Systems
Communication . Data . Telephone.
Diagnostics Electrical & Mechanical.
Automatic Door Openers.
Handicap Accessible Facility Installations.
Professional Trade Contractors -  
Tile and Floors for Medical Buildings
Elevator and Wheel Chair Ramps.
File Towers, Movable File Access Cabinets.
Patient Care Rooms.
Hospital Grade Sinks and Toilets
UPS Systems
Urgent Care Services
Physicians Office Make-Over
The Philadelphia Facility Resource.
Compliance Services for PA Department of Health Inspections. Inspection Readiness Service.
Wheelchair Ramps. Walkway and stairway modifications for someone using a walker, crutches or cane. Apartment, Private Home, Retail Store, Warehouse or Public Facility.
Handicapped Wheelchair Ramp Design as per the ADA codes and guidelines. Chair Lift Installations,
Slip Resistance Surfaces, Curb Ramps and Customized Hand Railing.
Installations and construction for the impaired.
Medical Facility Upgrades A. to Z. for Electrical, Mechanical, HVAC, Energy and Utility
for the Philly area.

Doctor's Office Equipment Installations for all equipment and furniture large and small. Installations for a host of Physician's Office items regarding: Division of Safety Inspection at (717) 787-1911 to verify the latest editions of the applicable codes and regulations. Ventilators, Anesthesia, Defibrillators, Electrosurgical, Infant Monitors, Patient Chair Lights and Tables. Automatic External Defibrillator, Autoclaves, Centrifuges, Diagnostic Equipment, EKG Machines, Exam Lights, Medical Furniture & Accessories. Vital Signs Monitor, Operating Room Equipment, Recovery Room Equipment, Cardiac Care Equipment, Respiratory Ventilator, Anesthesia Machines, Medical Gas Equipment, Exam Room Equipment, Oral Surgery & Dental Equipment. Infant Care Equipment, Plastic Surgery Equipment EMT & EMS Equipment. Diagnostics and Clinical Chemistry Analyzers. Electrolyte Analyzers, Fecal Occult Blood Analyzer, Glucose Monitoring and Hematocrit Systems. Instruments for Hemoglobin A1C Testing, Nerve Conduction, Osteoporosis Testing and Point-of-Care (POC) Diagnostic Devices. Reagents and Controls, Semi Automated Analyzers, Sleep Screening Devices and Computer Software. AED - Automatic External Defibrillator and Diagnostic Equipment. Electrocardiogram, Medical Furniture, Endoscopy Equipment, Radiology and Ultrasound Equipment. Medical Imaging. Care Center PC-Based Wireless Diagnostic Workstations. PC-based diagnostic workstation that supports both resting ECG and stress testing with a wireless data acquisition module. And, it allows physicians to comply with pending electronic record mandates even if they have not yet chosen an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) partner.
Mount Airy Philadelphia,
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Professional Contractors for Medical Office Equipment.


Medical Facility Mechanical and Electrical Equipment, Philadelphia.

Handicap Construction and ADA Compliance Standards.

Handicap Ramps for Doctor's Office and Medical Properties.

Automatic Door Openers for Hospitals and Rehabilitation Facilities.

Inspection Readiness for Medical Facilities in Philadelphia.

Electrical Equipment Installation Contractors for Philadelphia Facilities.

Facility Maintenance Services for Physician and Surgical Procedure Rooms.

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