Lighting Retro-Fit - Changes to LED for low energy and minimal maintenance.
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Lighting Retro-Fit - Energy saving information by Able Group Inc.   
  There are a variety of products specially designed for energy efficient retrofits that actually improve your lighting at the same time.
Just how big? Well just ask us. Whether you are interested in trimming your office lighting and cooling bills, making the warehouse a little brighter, or moving your facility from old and inefficient metal halides to T5 or T8 Hi Bay fixtures, The Able Group Energy Retrofitters can help. We use the latest technology to make your facility energy efficient, and certain facilities can upgrade without having to completely replace their fixtures. Nearly all fluorescent fixtures have retrofit options that increase light levels and reduce wattage by as much as up to 70%! Check out some of the sample facility pictures below, and notice the incredible difference good lighting can make.

Examples of jobs by Able Group Inc. on Lighting Retro-Fit

 Retro-Fit and Save.
Change the guts - Fluorescent Ballasts or LED Kits will provide the low energy, long life solutions to lighting in special cases. Light bulbs made with LEDs offer clean pure white light and great colors!

LED light bulbs are shock and vibration resistant.
LED bulbs in some cases have direct screw-in replacement kits.

Retro-Fit and Improve.
Change the internal components of any exterior lighting fixture to accept the efficient LED lights.

Electrical Evaluation for Commercial Properties.
High Reach Parking lot lighting service.
Energy Savings for Multi-Tenant Properties.

The LED components have a life expectancy of over 11.5 years. After that they still operate, but at a lower level.  When converting to LED lighting your commercial property may qualify for tax incentives.  LED lights are maintenance free. They are the ultimate in modern technology. For Information, Costs and Details: Just Ask Us what the job will cost - We give estimates by e-mail regarding electro-mechanical equipment, services, and problem solving for Industrial and Commercial properties. We provide technical information and energy information on LED Fluorescent Lighting Retrofitting. Advancements in LED Lighting Retrofit Kits will retrofit any interior or exterior lighting to a solid state LED component. This conversion can be completed with minimal downtime. The LED Retrofit has proven to be ideal for industrial, commercial, and office applications needing a long term solution with a payback in 2 years or less. LED Lights have a life expectancy that exceeds 11 years and after 11 years, the LED lighting solution will still be operating at 70% efficiency. Retrofitting Fluorescent Light Fixtures with LED Lighting can be as simple as fluorescent tube replacement to replacing the complete lighting fixture. However, even the more involved fixture replacement normally only requires approximately 60 minutes. Either method enables conversion of existing fluorescent fixtures into low-maintenance, high-efficiency LED lighting.

LED TUBE WALL LIGHT  Tube 1 is a new architectural LED wall light that is suitable for indoor and outdoor installations. The fixtures is powered by a 3 Watt LED with driver
LED LIGHT DISC  Price: $185
LED TIN WALL  Price: $170

Halo LED lighting units have several great features .  They give excellent light quality, consume 75% less energy compared to a 65W BR30 incandescent lamp.  You can use them in new construction or existing applications.  They use less than 15 watts.   600 lumen output.  Projected 50,000 hour life.  Greater than 40 lumens per watt.  They're dimmable, designed to last, basically maintenance free, and include a three year limited warranty
If you have new construction, you can save money and lower energy costs from the beginning with a dedicated Title 24 Compliant housing. Install LED module with trim in existing housing.
LED retro-fit lighting units are perfect for low maintenance public spaces. Restaurants, hotels and night-time businesses can lower electric bills and maintenance costs by using the LED downlight. Lighting units last about eleven years based on twelve hours use per day. You can change one incandescent lamp to a LED recessed downlight and you will save hundreds of dollars over the life of the fixture. LED lighting unit consumes 75% less energy than a 65 watt BR30 incandescent lamp. Over 70% of the first light output is maintained after 50,000 hours of operation.  They last five times longer than a fluorescent or fifty times longer than an incandescent source.

T12 to T8 Lamp & Ballast Retrofits

For a quick return on your investment, replacing T12 lamps and ballasts with high efficiency electronic ballasts and T8 lamps is the smart choice. In many cases, this is the easiest upgrade since the T8 lamps and ballasts fit into the same fixture.

Lighting retrofits can provide energy savings greater than 40% while improving the quality of the lighting. These quality improvements include quiet operation, improved color rendering, and a reduction in HVAC costs due to less heat being generated by the lighting system.

Existing System:
4-Lamp F34T12 Lamps and magnetic ballast
Power consumption: 148 Watts

Replacement System:
4-Lamp F32T8 Lamp with High Efficiency ballast
Power consumption: 96 Watts – 52 Watt savings (35% reduction)
Light Level: Increase by 3% to 12% depending on lamp used

Alternate Retrofit Options:
4-Lamp F28T8 Energy Saving Lamp with High Efficiency ballast
Power consumption: 84 Watts – 64 Watt savings (43% reduction)
Light Level: Decreases by 3% - Improved color quality may provide better perceived lighting.

Energy Savings Equals Dollars
Based upon the annual operating hours and utility rate, the energy savings can be used to calculate the operating cost savings:

  • Annual Operating Hours
  • Utility rate ($/Kwh)
  • Energy Savings per fixture (Watts)
  • Conversion from W to KW
  • Annual Cost savings per fixture

  •    4,000
  • x $0.12
  • x 64
  • 1,000
  • $30.72

Multiply this value by the number of fixtures in the facility to determine the total cost savings.

The chart below identifies some of the savings potential with T12 to T8 retrofit, keeping the number of lamps the same:

Existing System
F34T12 Lamps
High Efficiency Electronic System
F32T8 Lamps            F28T8 Lamps
1 44 25 19 21 23
2 74 48 26 43 31
3 118 73 45 65 53
4 148 96 52 84 64

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