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Lighting Fixture Restorations;
LED Conversions, any light made better than new by Able Shop Works.
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Lighting Restorations by the Philly Facility Group.
Lighting Fixture Renewal - Lighting Modifications - Electrical Operating Systems - Tailor Made Fabrications - Antique Restorations.
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All around the Philadelphia, Tri-State Area.
 Light fixture restorations large and small by, 
Antique Lighting
Reconditioning for a fraction of the cost.
Removal pick up, delivery and reinstallation with warranty:
     commercial, industrial, institutional, rental properties, public facilities, restaurants, hotels.

We can make the
old - new
or the new - old.
Trades of the Latest Technologies: LED, fluorescent, gold, brass, bronze, aluminum, copper, cadmium and cast iron.

LED Retro-fit.
Any light made better than new by:
The Able Group
Work Shop .

matching - yes
hi reach - yes
antiques - yes
duplication - yes
hotels - yes
factories - yes
museums - yes,
we do it all - yes
Lighting Poles YES

We are licensed and insured electrical contractors with the finest lighting fixture restoration workshop.

Lighting Services A. to Z. Large or Small, Many or Few - We are ABLE to get the job done better.
Able Group Inc. professional property trade mechanics working hard to give our customers everything they ask for.
Know more before you spend. The Able Group offers "online estimates" for any project in Philly, Delaware County, Main Line, NJ, DEL.
Property trades with technology for: industrial, commercial, public and private properties, real estate construction, energy retro-fit, rental facilities, parking lot, institutional, high tech, commercial space fit up, energy efficient facility and customized fabrications in Philadelphia, PA.
Sending YOU the information FIRST: costs, specs., sizes, colors, warranty.
We can custom make it, and install it for you! Philly Facility .com by Able Group Inc.
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I am your lighting expert for any question you have. I can repair, recondition and/or re-create your lighting fixtures. We experienced restorer of historic lighting fixtures and a custom crafters for special lighting fixtures. We maintain discriminating concern for preserving historic lighting and architectural designs of all types when incorporating newly developed light sources.
Our lighting restoration capabilities include research for historic accuracy, drawings, metal fabrication, polishing, painting, welding, abrasive blasting, refinishing metal components, glass fabrication, replacing all electrical components, rewiring and testing in accordance with UL standards. Since 1980, we've been serving the lighting needs of professionals with a vast range of technical services and a dedicated knowledgeable staff. We have restored, replicated, and manufactured custom lighting fixtures at every scale.
Electricians, Installers and Constructors    
"The LightSmith - Anthony Tori"   
Lighting Made to Order, by Able Group Inc.
Restorations for Large Auditorium Lighting, Philadelphia.

Lighting Consultant for Lighting Restorations, Philadelphia.

Able to Fix Your Lights and Equipment.

Custom Electrical Fixtures and Lighting Equipment.

Damage Mending for Lighting Fixtures.

Customized Lighting Fabrication Services.

Electrical Equipment Repairwork - Philadelphia, PA

Mechanical and Electrical Parts.

Reconditioning Services for Antique Lighting, Philadelphia.

The Lighting Fixture Workshop and Repair.

Repair-All Services Delco.

Lighting Fixture Retro-Fit and Restore.

Landscape Lighting Restorations.

LED Lighting for Philly Properties.