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Mechanical jobs - contractors & mechanics, automatics, machinery, pipefitting, sheet metal, piping, repairs HVAC, industrial plumbing, process pipe, welding services, engineering services, custom fabrications and pipefitting.  Duct Booster, Centrifugal, In-line, Fits Duct Diameter 5 to 8 Inch Diameter or Rectangular Ducts as Shallow as 3 1/4 In, CFM @ 0.000-In SP 275, Max Inlet Temp 200 Deg F, Voltage 115, 60 Hz, Single Phase, Max Amps 0.51, Bearing Type Sleeve, Length 7 In, Width 9 1/2 In, Height 8 3/4 In, Mounting Position Motor Shaft Horizontal, Includes Mounting Template.
  • The amount and percentage of air leaking from the ductwork.
  • Inconsistent temperature variations throughout the home.
  • Air flow levels for each room.
  • Proper sizing of return air grilles.
  • Backdraft and combustion safety hazard potential for fireplaces, furnaces, and gas heater rooms and closets.
  • Manual repair needs of air duct system.
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Many different makes and models of duct fan are available to suit different duct sizes, types, and applications. They are generally easy to install and may come with extras such as speed control. To get the most efficient performance from a duct booster fan it should be located near the outlet end of a duct. Emergency power generators, We offer professional support for telephone system service, video surveillance, and electrical service. Electrical repairs for your home or business, electrical work for large commercial and industrial properties and electrical service for your high-voltage needs.

Informative online support for: Energy conservation and environmental service. Heating and cooling diagnostics,   We have a host of network services (companies that work with us online) these are just a few:  fire extinguisher service, fire sprinklers, etc.
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Heating - Gas / Air.

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Crawl space ventilation is critical to the health of your home and its occupants. Mold, mildew, and radon are all hazards that often exist in crawl spaces. Not only are these harmful to the occupants of a home, but they can also be destructive to your home. Wood and insulation rot is common in un-vented crawl spaces. These often damp spaces can also be a haven for termites, wood-boring beetles, and other bugs. Even plumbing fixtures can corrode and rust under constantly damp conditions. This wet, humid environment is not good for all these reasons; definitely something one would not want as, literally, the foundation of one’s home.

Affordably priced and installs fast with simple
      electrical interlock.
   Reduces cold air drafts through windows, doors,
       fireplaces caused by excessive negative pressure.
   Automatic regulated control of incoming fresh, combustion air.    Light indicates IN-FORCER is operating properly.
   Uses indoor air to temper outdoor air for increased comfort.    Interlock shuts down burner if intake elbow is
       blocked or performance is significantly reduced.
   Damper closes during off cycles to prohibit cold
      air entry and warm air loss.
   Helps replace air vented by exhaust fans,
       fireplaces, etc.
   Reduces negative pressure, a major cause of flue
      gas spillage and radon gas entry.

1. Initial Service / Work Set Up / Travel for Service - $85.00
2. Inline Booster Fan Replacement Only - assembled and installed at an existing location - $375.00
3. Inline Booster Fan New Installation Only - customers unit assembled and installed at a proper location with power circuit - $675.00
4. Inline Booster Fan Supply and Install - our unit assembled and installed at a proper location with power circuit - $900.00
5. Inline Booster Fan Accessories - Timer, Dual Speed, HVAC Fan Relay, Thermostat, etc.

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Boost and maximize airflow. Circulate air from any source wood, coal or corn burning stove. Great for Greenhouses and Hydroponics gardens. Boost your return air to gravity flow furnace. Installs into any shape duct! Round, Square, Rectangle and Flex.

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