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Comprehensive business fire alarm systems should include: Hard-wired smoke, heat and hazardous gas detectors, Manual pull stations, Emergency call buttons State-of-the-art enunciator panels. Specialized HVAC duct sensors, ADA compliant horns and strobe light units Business Fire Alarm Monitoring, Our 24-Hour Security Command Center monitors every element of your fire alarm systems, including sprinklers, with trained staff ready to react to any trouble at your business. Fire Alarm Testing and Inspection Services We also offer comprehensive test and inspection services, as well as remote electronic daily testing to make sure your life/safety fire alarm system is in full working order. Cost Savings with a UL Certified and Accredited Fire Alarm Provider Our customers also realize insurance cost savings that is available only to companies whose security system and business fire alarm provider are UL certified and accredited for Fire Alarm Systems.

Fire alarm systems generally use smoke detectors or heat detectors capable of detecting either the presence of smoke particles in an area or an increase in temperature in the area as a result of a fire condition. A heat detector monitors the ambient thermal condition in the region where the heat detector is placed. Heat detectors generally trigger an alarm signal when either the actual temperature in the area being monitored exceeds a predetermined level, or when the rate of rise of the temperature in the area exceeds a predetermined level. Some detectors used in fire alarm systems incorporate both a smoke detector capability as well as a heat detector capability. A heat detector can be included as part of a smoke detector or operate as a stand alone device. Heat detectors may use a mechanical temperature sensing element connected to a suitable switch. Such a heat detector utilizes a spring-loaded plunger that is held fast at normal room temperatures by a conductor which melts at a preselected temperature and allows the spring to return to its relaxed state, which in turn causes a switch to close and operate a remote alarm panel or system. A second type of heat detector in use is constructed using a bimetallic switch.
The primary function of any Fire Detection and Alarm system is for notification and evacuation of personnel.
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A building or local fire alarm system provides audible and/or visible alarm signals as the result of the manual operation of a fire alarm pull-station, the automatic operation of a fire detector, such as a smoke or heat detector, or the automatic operation of protective equipment, such as a sprinkler system. Various factors such as local codes, building size, and occupancy class will affect the requirements for these systems.
Fire Alarm System - The most basic fire alarm system is a simple electric circuit built into an entry way.

The Fire Alarm Control Panels:
Intelligent fire alarm systems, digital voice evacuation, conventional fire alarm control panels. Network and Integrated Systems Intelligent fire alarm networks, Fire, security, card access, CCTV, and BACnet integration. Fire Alarm Peripherals, addressable, fire alarm control for ancillary systems. New Small-Scale Addressable Fire Alarm Panel Offers Intelligent, Economic Control for Elevators and Sprinkler Systems Smoke detectors, pull stations; monitor, control, and relay modules; notification appliances. Fire Alarm Accessories include: Printers, auxiliary power supplies, battery chargers, remote enunciators, relays, and door holders.

The importance of safety from fire and its accompanying fumes is highly recognized as a life saver for occupants of any structure. How Foam Systems Work

Fire fighting foam systems suppress fire by separating the fuel from the air (oxygen). Depending on the type of foam system, this is done in several ways:

  • Foam blankets the fuel surface smothering the fire
  • The fuel is cooled by the water content of the foam
  • The foam blanket suppresses the release of flammable vapors that can mix with the air.
afff firefighting foam systems Aqueous Film-Forming Foams  are based on combinations of fluoro-chemical surfactants, hydrocarbon surfactants, and solvents. These agent require a very low energy input to produce a high quality fire fighting foam. Consequently, they can be applied through a wide variety of foam delivery systems. This is the choice for airports, refineries, manufacturing plants, municipal fire departments, and any other operation involving the transportation, processing, or handling of flammable liquids.

Mixing Foam Systems with Water

A foam system requires proportioning equipment to mix the foam with water in the required concentration. Automatic pressure balancing valves regulate the foam concentrate pressure to match the water pressure.



Varying environmental temperatures cause a bi-metallic element to snap between two bi-stable positions, which in turn causes a switch to be opened or closed as a function of the bimetallic element. A third type of heat detector includes both a fixed temperature sensor and a rate-of-rise heat sensor. In addition to the spring-loaded switch actuator, the actual physical housing of the heat detector acts pneumatically upon the switch. Thus, when a relatively rapid change in temperature occurs, the expansion of the air within the housing causes an integral bellows to expand and actuate the same switch that is used for fixed temperature applications. Another type of heat detector includes a thermistor to sense the ambient temperature. The resistance of the thermistor changes as the ambient temperature increases and decreases.
Fire Alarm Pull Systems, Fire-Lite BG12 Dual Action Pull Station. Dual-action pull station with SPST N/O switch - screw terminal connections - hex lock. Fire-Lite BG-12L Pull Station with Key Lock Dual-action pull station with SPST N/Oswitch - screw terminal connections. Edwards 278B-1110 Fire Alarm Pull Station Red H 5 3/16 in Tool Reset - Depth 3 5/8 In - Length 3 9/16 In Edwards 270SPO Fa Station SGL Pole Open Circuit GE Security 270SPO Pull Station, NonCoded, Break Glass, Metal, Single Pole, Open Circuit The 270SPO fire alarm pull station is for fire alarm systems in multi tenant properties. Ademco Emergency Fire Pull Station 5140MPS-1 Features: Aluminum die cast Key reset and test Screw terminals Gold contact SPST ADA compliant UL, CSFM, MEA listed and approved. Fire-Lite BG12LO Outdoor Pull Station w/ Key Lock Same as BG-12L with outdoor use listing.

We provide a full range of Fire Protection estimates including budget numbers for overhead as well as underground systems. Our design team includes NICET certified technicians and we also provide a complete fire protection fabrication shop. Our installation team consists of highly trained and qualified Sprinkler fitters. Inspections / Maintenance / Repair Work. Our qualified staff can keep your fire sprinkler systems up to current standards of NFPA #25 quarterly, semiannually or annually. Materials / Sales - fire protection material needs. From 1/2" sprinkler heads to 10" double check valve assemblies.

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Fire Sprinkler Systems and Large Facility Fire Equipment. We are fire protection professionals who specialize in the installation, testing, and routine testing of fire sprinkler alarm systems. We can install, test, and coordinate our work with your fire sprinkler installation team. We can produce submittals with Autocad drawings, battery calculations, sequence of operations, and other requirements of fire sprinkler alarms systems of the authority having jurisdiction. If your company has an installed sprinkler system and you are in need of fire sprinkler systems service, we have NICET certified technicians who can test, diagnose, and repair just about any manufacture of fire sprinkler alarm control panel on the market. And our testing is performed in accordance with the requirements of NFPA standards #25 and #72. Systems Integration -- The Wave of the Future We can interface your fire alarm systems, security systems, special hazards fire protection systems, and fire sprinkler systems into one interconnected network. This eliminates conflicting equipment and brings information to a single point to ensure maximum control. And of course we offer
alarm monitoring.
Ademco Emergency Fire Pull Station 5140MPS-2 Aluminum die cast - Key reset and test - Screw terminals - Gold contact SPST - ADA compliant - MEA listed and approved with Allen screw reset. Potter P32-1T-LP Dual Action Fire Pull Station. The Potter Pull Station Series offers a complete line of die-cast pull stations for a variety of applications. Edwards Signals ED-278B1120 Pull Station DPDT Non Coated Red. The pull station 278B1120 is supplied with screw terminals for easy field wiring. Fire-Lite BG-12LOB Outdoor Pull Station w/ Key Lock, Same as BG-12L with outdoor use listing. Includes outdoor listed backbox, and sealing gasket.

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NICET = National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies.