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Miniature video cameras can be hidden inside many of the items presently around your property such as: smoke detectors, lighting fixtures, wall clocks, restroom ventilators, etc. We also use high quality wireless camera systems.  Utilizing digital and CCD technology cameras require very little light (.05 lux or better) which makes them perfect for covert or hidden camera applications. Cameras can be plugged into your home VCR and you've got a high quality video surveillance system.  We also offer the finest in commercial grade time-lapse recorders and digital recorders.
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Notes about Computerized monitoring -  The first CCTV cameras used in public spaces were crude, conspicuous, low definition black and white systems without the ability to zoom or pan. Modern CCTV cameras use small high definition color cameras that can not only focus to resolve minute detail, but by linking the control of the cameras to a computer, objects can be tracked semi-automatically. The technology that enable this is often referred to as VCA (Video Content Analysis), and is currently being developed by a large number of technological companies around the world. The current technology enable the systems to recognize if a moving object is a walking person, a crawling person or a vehicle. It can also determine the color of the object. NEC claim to have a system that can identify a person's age by evaluating a picture of him/her. Other technologies claim to be able to identify people by their biometrics.
         A problem for these types of systems is that they have been "oversold", meaning that poorly working systems have been sold which has undermined the trust for the technology. The technique will for instance not work well in large crowds, and the oversold feature of "unattended luggage detection" for airports have severe problems with determining whether or not a piece of luggage is really unattended.
         What the system can do is basically identifying where a person is, how he is moving and whether he is a person or for instance a car. Based on this information the system developers implement features such as blurring faces or "virtual walls" that block the sight of a camera where it is not allowed to film. It is also possible to provide the system with rules, such as for example "sound the alarm whenever a person is walking close to that fence" or in a museum "set off an alarm if a painting is taken down from the wall".
          Video contents can also be used for forensics after the film has been made. It is then possible to search for certain actions within the recorded video. For example if you know a criminal is driving a yellow car, you can set the system to search for yellow cars and the system will provide you with a list of all the times where there is a yellow car visible in the picture. These conditions can be made more precise by searching for "a person moving around in a certain area for a suspicious amount of time", for example if someone is standing around an ATM machine without using it.

We install cameras anywhere within the law.
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If you're considering a hidden video camera system, we would investigate the specific laws that apply to your facility.

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Legality of Hidden Cameras
The importance and benefits of using hidden cameras for security purposes is well known to all. However, the fact that they are "hidden", thereby not letting people know the fact that they are being watched, makes the application of this technology a controversial issue. Some might even go as far to say that if people knew they were being monitored many workplace crimes wouldn't happen in the first place.
If you're currently considering using a hidden video camera system, we would investigate the specific laws that apply. Many laws are enforced expressly prohibit the installation of hidden surveillance equipment in those places where individuals have the right to a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as bathrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms, bedrooms, etc.

In fact, if a crime is captured on tape by a hidden camera, in many states, the video is admissible as evidence in court. In quite a number of states, consent from the parties being filmed isn't even necessary; while in a number of others, receiving the consent of only one party is required. Despite the lack of uniform or strict laws governing the installation and use of hidden video surveillance equipment, it would be wise to consult with local law enforcement to be certain of the specific regulations governing your area and to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the laws.

Special Note - it is illegal to record speech without all recorded parties' consent.

In order to avoid any costly legal actions in the future, it's definitely better to find out ahead of time what you can or can't do legally when installing a covert camera surveillance system. It is perhaps because of these reasons that laws related to hidden cameras aren't very comprehensive and vary from state to state. So if you are planning on installing or using a hidden camera system in your home or workplace, then it would be wise to understand the laws relating to their use in your state so that you don't face any legal problems or charges in the future when and if anyone discovers and/or takes offense to the truth that you were operating a hidden video surveillance system.
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