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The following places have been identified at which emergency luminaries should be located:
Near top and bottom of stairs.
Near changes of walkway levels.
Near changes of corridor direction.
Near the intersection of corridors.
Near an exit door.
Near fire-fighting equipment or
manual call points.
Near each First Aid point.

Emergency Lighting   Normally emergency lighting systems are designed to provide an illuminated pathway out of the property in the event of a power outage. 

They are arranged to provide continuity of this very essential service, are comprised of lighting fixtures connected to the 110-volt power source. A sudden shutdown can create extensive damage for many types of equipment if no warning time exists to prepare in an orderly manner. Hospitals, police and fire stations, and mission-critical facilities are among the most potentially vulnerable institutional and commercial facilities. The system provides power for a battery, which runs the lighting system if an outage occurs. The lighting units are switched to the batteries and run on their own low-voltage direct current. Generally, the lighting units are located in stairwells, corridors, lobbies and at key entrances and locations.

If the indicator light or specific-gravity check shows a discharged condition even though the charging system is connected to a 110-volt power source and is charging, the cell life might be expired. The guard should note this problem on the inspection sheet so the maintenance department can prepare a work order for replacement.

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Low Profile Emergency Light Approximate Size
22 - watt Emergency - Remote CapableApproximate Size
100 - watt Emergency - Remote CapableApproximate Size

  Regulations change from one county to the next, so the codes that apply in one county may not be the same that apply in a neighboring county. Also, different types of buildings have to comply with different regulations. For example, hospitals are required to comply with regulations that are different from residential buildings. The best way to cover all possible angles is to make sure an engineer competent in the codes and regulations that apply to the job site has reviewed and approved the emergency lighting layout.

Be knowledgeable of the basic code requirements

There are two main standards for emergency lighting. The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 924 Standard for Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment dictates how the fixtures should be constructed, and how they should perform. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 101 Life Safety Code dictates how buildings should be illuminated in case of a power outage. There is an important distinction between these two codes: UL 924 describes the fixtures themselves, while NFPA 101 describes how the UL listed fixtures should be installed to provide adequate emergency illumination. Inspectors will check both the fixtures and the installation, but as long as the fixtures are UL 924 listed, most of the inspection problems will arise from the way the fixtures were installed. Thus NFPA 101 is what you should be mindful of.


Exit Signs    Any point on, or leading to, an escape route must have an exit sign so that there is no ambiguity in the direction of escape.  Text only signs are obsolete and must be replaced. Exit signboards can be used, providing that an adjacent emergency luminaries illuminates the board adequately. A more effective way of emphasizing the way out is to use internally illuminated exit signs.

Escape Routes    It is essential that people can move safely along an escape route in an emergency. There are often minor hazards such as steps that should be illuminated. It is not unusual for an object (trolleys, boxes, suitcases) to be left on the escape route, in which case the lighting should be sufficient [a minimum of 1 lux on the escape route] for people to see the obstruction and avoid it.

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Exit Sign Single & Double Sided Red LED Battery Back Up
LED Battery Back Up exit sign designed with durability in mind. The battery provides 3 hours of emergency backup during any power outage. Cut the cost of lighting exits by up to 96% with this energy-efficient sign  Approx. $25.00
Emergency Light and LED Exit Sign
LED Battery Back Up Combination Emergency Light / Exit Sign designed with durable high impact flame retardant thermoplastic. Unit can be used as a SINGLE or DOUBLE sign  Approx. $48.00
Fluorescent Emergency Ballast
Fluorescent Emergency Ballast allows the same fixture to be used for both normal and emergency operation. In the event of a power failure, the unit switches to the emergency mode and operates for 90 minutes  Approx. $69.00
Exit Sign - L.E.D. with battery back up (with wiring access) Each ------------------------------ $140.00
Emergency Lighting Unit - 12 volt, wattage power for up to 5 remote heads Each ----------- $160.00
Emergency Lighting Remote Heads - powered from emergency lighting unit Each ----------- $ 75.00

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