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Contact Us for Prices, options and alternatives on the various types of electrical power redundancy. Ask us about UPS Systems or Standby Generator Systems for Reliable Power at all times. Delaware Valley Lighting Group. Informative Consultants, Lighting Availability, Designs, Costs, Information Consultants for these: Auditorium Lighting, Bollard Lighting, LED Lighting and LED Lamps. Facility Lighting Services Maintenance. Wholesale Lighting Fixtures and Antique Lighting Fixtures. Wholesale Supplies, Electrical Supply, Lamps and Shades. Lighting for your Bar, Tavern and Restaurant. Delaware Valley - Electrical, Electronics, Power, Video, Controls, LAN and Mechanicals: Informative Consultants for Equipment, Project Design and Costs.

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Ask about 3Phase or 2Phase electrical services 4160 Volts, Primary Electrical, Aerial Electrical Cables, Apartment Utility Separations, Auditorium Equipment Systems, Bolt-On Circuit Breakers. Buss Duct, Battery Chargers, Control Panels, CT Cabinets, Electrical Protection and Electric Service Upgrade. Electrical supplemental heaters, ventilation, facility ventilators, roof ventilation equipment, rooftop HVAC units, solar panels, fire alarm system, main lug panel, cadmium connectors, MC wire, SER cable, SEU cable, under cabinet lights, front lawn post lights and area flood lights. Philly area Electrical contractors & Electricians for electric heaters, electrical outlets, electrical panels, electrical protection and electrical service upgrade. Call us regarding costs and estimates for  receptacles, switches, dimmers, GFI receptacles, circuit breakers, spike protectors, surge protectors and grounding rods. Reconditioning for any electrical equipment. Electricity Savers? New stuff on the web for the electrical box in your home? Call us about it first. The payback takes 3 years or more. You need one per electrical meter (one per tenant). Benefits mostly the large energy users, premium racket metering customers, such as manufacturing companies and facilities with heavy electric motors, elevators and heavy equipment. Photo eye controls, relays, mechanically held contactors, bolt-on circuit breakers 480V. 277V. 120V. 208V. 250V. we are the contractors for solutions. Information pages on wattages at a glance, back up power generators, high bay lighting, recessed lighting fixtures, halogen light bulbs, HID lamps, fluorescent lamps, etc. Installers for spike and surge suppressors, electric driveway heaters, ceiling fans, restroom ventilation fans, heat lamps, under floor heaters, etc. Lighting switches, dimmers and receptacles. Need a UPS system for your business? The Able Group electrical inspections and documentations for litigation are the best.
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