Informative Reply: electric snow melting installations - residential and commercial. Snow melting systems for sidewalk, driveway, handicap ramps, walkway heater mats, heated sidewalks, heated downspout and icing roof problems. driveway heaters.Electric Snow Melting for commercial, institutional facilities by Able Group Inc.
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Installations and Services for:  heated sidewalks, snow melting systems, heated walkways, driveway heaters, concrete snow melt, roof ice melt systems.
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Electrical Snow Melting Systems for every purpose. Service and installations by Able Group Inc. for Heat Tracing for Freeze-Free Pipes.

These areas had pubic walkway icing problems where continuous salting only adding new problems.

Electrical Equipment Prices & Support for: water pipe heat tracing, frozen plumbing pipe problems, Self-Regulating Cable, mechanical heat tracing, heat trace thermostats, pipe insulation, electrical warmers for exposed water supply and drainage pipes. Ask us about it: Heat Tracing, Self-Regulating Cable Installations - Costs, sizes, types & applications.

Heated Sidewalk Photos Shown Here. The properties had numerous problems with ice melt and re-freeze. All walkway areas heat-traced to eliminate these problems.

Industrial Freeze Protection Applications. Freeze Protection of Fire Protection System Piping. Use on Metallic Pipes Only. Using a single power point, you can easily configure and install a heat tracing system as short as several feet or as long as 780 feet right in the field. CWM is flexible at most ambient temperatures and can be wrapped around piping and complex fittings. It is rugged, easy to monitor and maintain temperature, and has zero inrush at start-up. With 392F (200C) fluoropolymer electrical insulation overjacketing. CWM has outstanding electrical and thermal properties, and is well suited for most chemically hostile environments.

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Electric Snow Melting by Able Group Inc.

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