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Gutter Repair and Replacement by The Able Group.
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  About Gutters... Here you can see our different gutter options. Hidden Gutter Brackets Are used to hang gutter. Fascia Brackets - Use one of our fascia brackets to hang the gutter. End Caps- End caps are used to finish off the end of gutter. Strip Miters and Miters to make gutter connections nicer. Outlets Outlets are used to connect downspout and gutter system together. See our selection here. Gutter Protection Protect your gutter system with a gutter cover or downspout clean out or other products.

We specialize in Roof Drainage Systems, Moisture Protection Products, Snow Retention Systems, Ventilation Products and Outdoor Living Products. With more than 2,000 products fabricated from the finest copper, aluminum, steel, vinyl and other quality materials, Some of these products include: gutters, downspouts & accessories, snow guards, synthetic roofing underlayments, DrySnap® Under Deck Drainage Systems, Ridge Vent and ProDeck™ Vinyl Railing Systems.

Gutters, Finials, Skylights, Cupolas, Wall Paneling Comprehensive restoration, custom fabrication and precise replication for sheet metal projects. It is a leading resource for designers, architects, builders and home owners for quality roofing and gutter accessories, such as copper gutters and copper chimney caps. This makes for the best professionally wrought roofing elements, such as gutters, roofing panels and custom skylights. The snap seam design of our roofing panels for cupolas and and other rooftop accents allows for easy installation and adaptability. Providing quality craftsmanship and reliable service while offering affordable prices to all of our deserving customers. Caulking   silicone sealing joints of various materials labor per hour

Gutters - Repairs for external gutters and/or downspouts -
 additional labor per hour
Gutters - Repairs for Dutch (dam) or in roof gutters and/or downspouts -
 additional labor per hour
Gutters - New external gutters and/or downspouts - per linear ft. $22.00
Gutters - Changes / modifications required for property renovations
- per linear ft.
Gutters - Leaf Guard, screen, Flo Free, etc. - per linear ft. $22.00
Other - Boot Collar :  Rubber-medal seal cover flashing for a roof penetrations, soil or vent lines - Furnish and Install $110.00
Other - Drain: Customized channel to carry water off of a roof -
 assessment at site
Other - Roof Curb :  A frame used to structurally mount rooftop equipment such as HVAC units, exhaust fans, skylight, etc.; may be pre-constructed or constructed on site, Roof Cut - each $250.00
Other - Drip Edge: Aluminum flashing along the outer perimeter of the roof -
 per linear ft.
Other - Expansion Joint: Separation between building sections (where movement is anticipated) - per linear ft. $130.00
Maintenance - Roof Cement:  trowelable mixture of coal tar base, solvents and
fibers - additional labor per hour
Maintenance - Caulking: silicone sealing joints of various materials -
 additional labor per hour
Corner Strips for Aluminum Exterior Siding                   LN        $2.97
Casing & Trim Aluminum Exterior Siding                       LN       $2.13
Drip Cap Aluminum Exterior Siding                               LN      $2.71
Price Information for Gutters
LF=Lineal feet (running feet) SF= Square feet
Important Note: The prices listed below are researched to be "industry averaged" and do not represent the prices or costs of any particular company affiliated with Contractors Solutions Inc.

Areas Surrounding Philadelphia, South Philly, Broomall in Delaware County.

Costs for Gutter and Downspout Work  

 Better Gutters for a Job Done Right 

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Alligatoring is a rooftop condition that occurs when the seams open up or the tar and gravel cracks. This commonly happens to most tar and gravel roofs at the end of their lifespan, which is typically 10-12 years. In most cases, the roof should be replaced as soon as possible.
Aluminum Gutters
Aluminum is a moderately priced and rust-resistant material popular with newer installations. It comes unfinished or factory-painted. The downside is that aluminum tends to leak at joints because the metal expands and contracts too much for sealant to hold permanently. It also dents easily.
Apron Flashing
A horizontal flashing installed where the top end of a roof slope meets a vertical projection, such as a chimney or parapet wall.
Box Gutter
A gutter not at an eave, typically at the base of two opposing roof slopes.
Cap flashing
The portion of the flashing attached to a vertical surface to prevent water from migrating behind the base flashing. 
A cover at the top of a gap that weatherproofs, typically at the ridge of a pitched roof.
the piece of material used to cover the top of a wall. It can be constructed from metal, masonry, or stone.
It is also used as a primary roof material as well as a flashing component. Copper turns a greenish color after being exposed to the weather for a length of time and appears in the middle of the Galvanic Series.
Copper Gutters
Copper is an expensive material that is strong, durable, rust-resistant and nearly maintenance-free. It will weather green unless you coat it with a clear sealant. It also needs to be installed by a professional.
A horizontal projecting part that crowns the wall of a building.
A pipe that carries rainwater from a roof gutter down to a drain or to the ground.
A pipe to carry roof water from gutters and roof catchments to drains or storage tanks.
A system of gutters and drainpipes that carry water away from the foundation of a house.
Drip-Edge Extension
Prevents water from washing over the fascia eventually causing it to rot. If your fascia boards have black streaks on them, that usually means that the drip-edge is failing and the contractor may suggest adding an extension for an additional charge.
Dry Rot  
Wood rot caused by certain fungi. Dry rot can result from condensation build-up, roof leaks that go untended, or from other problems. Dry rot will not remain localized. It can spread and damage any lumber touching the affected area.
Eaves Gutter
A roof gutter attached at an eaves overhang.
Pre-finished angled piece for directing water flow.
Fall (slope)
The slope of the roof or gutter, often expressed in degrees, or as a ratio of vertical height to horizontal distance (e.g. 1 in 20).
Fascia Angle
If there is any fascia board that is angled to follow the roof rafters, there is usually an extra charge.
Fascia Board
The flat horizontal surface right below the edge of a roof.
Fascia Replacement
New gutters need a solid fascia surface upon which to be mounted. If rotted boards need to be replaced, there is a charge per linear feet. Fascia boards narrower than 3' in width must be built out to provide proper support for hanging your new gutters and require an additional charge per linear feet.
A roofing sheet made of interwoven fibers. The fibers can be wood or vegetable for Organic Felts, glass fibers for fiberglass felts, polyester, or asbestos.
Components used to seal the roof system at areas where the roof covering is interrupted or terminated. For example, pipes, curbs, walls, etc. all have special components that, when correctly installed, will help prevent moisture entry into the roof system or building.
Galvanized Gutters
Galvanized gutters are strong and inexpensive, although they can rust.
The thickness or the gauge of the gutter is very important. Primary aluminum is the thickest and most consistent available. The gauges range from .019 to .032 inches. The optimal thickness is .032 inches so when buying aluminum gutters, insist on primary aluminum, which is the best.
Flat strap that is installed under the roofing matierial that holds up the horizontal section of the gutter.
Hanging Flashing
Side, front, or back cover piece used to prevent entry of water between abutting surfaces and other gutters, flashings and soakers.
Ice Dams
Ice dams are formed when heat from the attic melts snow at the ridge or peak of the roof causing an "avalanche" of snow and ice to overflow the gutters. The melted water can then back up under the shingles and work its way into the property.
Mitres (Corners)
When a company fabricates the corners onsite using the same material as the rest of the house, the advantage is that there is one seam instead of 3 and it's a cleaner look overall.
A material that is applied to a surface in order to increase that surface's ability to adhere to or work in conjunction with a subsequently applied material.
PVC Gutters
PVC, or vinyl, is a tough, maintenance-free, moderately priced material popular with newer installations. Vinyl gutter systems are favored by some because they are lightweight and can be easily snapped or glued together. However, vinyl gutters are not recommended for hot, sunny climates where they tend to become brittle, crack and fail quickly.
A box-shaped receptacle sometimes used between gutters and downpipes to provide an external overflow point.
Run Height
The height (in stories) at which each gutter run will be located (1st story, 2nd story etc.). This is used to determine the length of downspout needed.
Run Length
A straight section of gutter mounted against the fascia board. It is measured in linear feet, which measures the same as regular feet.
Seamless Gutter Machine
The chosen gutter material is rolled through the forming machine to create a continuous piece of gutter that is custom sized to your home.
A fitting used in a downpipe, to change direction of the downpipe by about 45 degrees.
Soaker (gutter)
A small gutter located on the upper side of a chimneystack.
Soaker (flashings)
A side cover piece extended over a roof cover and over-flashed with a hanging flashing. Formed metal designed to weatherproof the perimeter of roof protrusions or penetrations. Soaker flashings are usually positioned under rather than over the surrounding metal roof.
Soffits are vents under the roof overhang that allow your attic to breathe.
Residue from blast furnaces that is sometimes used for the surfacing on aggregate-surfaced built-up roof systems.
A fine-grained metamorphic rock that splits into thin, smooth-surfaced layers used in steep slope roofing applications.
Terra Cotta
 A semifired ceramic clay used in building construction.
 A material installed over the roof deck prior to the application of the primary roof covering. Usually consists of fifteen (15#) or thirty (30#) pound organic felt but can also be self-adhering such as an ice and water protection membrane.
To improve the strength, resiliency, and freedom from stickiness and odor of rubber, for example, by combining with sulfur or other additives in the presence of heat and pressure.
Valley Gutter
A gutter at the bottom intersection of two sloping roofs (also called a valley flashing).
Valley Boards
Timber or profiled metal laid under a valley gutter to support it.
Water Diverter
Similar to gutters, a water diverter is a piece of metal that helps to control the flow of water as it drains from the roof.
Water Trough
The area in a valley where water runs. Usually referred to with open valley configurations.
Wind Clip
 A clip that slips over the ends of tile, slate and other steep slope roofing materials in order to help prevent wind uplift damage.

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