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Buss duct assembly and installations, buss, duct and electrical distribution for industrial facilities.   We know the value of an efficient system.  Ask us about: aluminum, copper, plug in disconnects for equipment. We are experts in The National Electrical Code as well as high voltage installations.  Electrical maintenance for smaller items such as: GFI receptacles, grounding rods and cold water pipe grounding.   Electrical safety inspections main lug panel, cadmium connectors, MC wire, SER cable, SEU cable, wiring diagrams, ground rods, cadmium connectors, MC wire, SER cable, SEU cable, twist-lock receptacles and grounding.  Ask us about.  The National Electrical Manufacturers Association - NEMA. Wide range of circuit breakers and mounting hardware from a variety of manufacturers. Manufacturer products we stock include Cutler Hammer, American, General Electric, Thomas & Betts, Siemens, Murray, Square D, Wadsworth and Zinsco, two-pole, three, pole, electrical service, ask the electrician about interchangeable parts.

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Siemens, Westinghouse, Square D - Obsolete Circuit Breakers, An electrical bus system bus bar assemblies are provided for conducting electrical currents of respective first and second polarities. A bus duct enclosure is bus duct enclosure for substantially enclosing the first and second bus bar assemblies, wherein the bus duct enclosure. New and reconditioned circuit breakers, electrical distribution and control equipment. We specialize in hard-to-find circuit breakers, including obsolete circuit breakers. From Siemens breakers to Cutler Hammer, FPE, General Electric and ITE to a wide variety of Square D breakers and even a large selection of rare or uncommon items, such as Westinghouse breakers and hard-to-find circuit breakers.

Metric Standoff Insulators are molded from a flame retardant and track resistant glass reinforced thermoset polyester molding compound recognized for current carrying devices. They combine high mechanical strength with high arc resistance and dielectric properties at elevated temperatures and humidity. These shatter resistant insulators meet the most exacting standards for a variety of applications. Storm Copper is proud to be able to provide Metric Threaded Standoff Insulators and usually ships one business day after order.

Circuit Breakers, Etc.
Challenger, Crouse-Hinds, Cutler-Hammer, Federal Pacific (FPE), Fuji, General Electric, Murray Siemens / ITE / Gould, Square D, Thomas & Betts, Wadsworth, Westinghouse, Zinsco, Transformers, Switches & Disconnects. All NEMA Enclosures, ASCO, Zinsco,  Sylvania,  Switchboards & Switchgear,  Breaker Accessories, Motor Controls, Allen Bradley,  Joslyn Clark,  Furnas.

Custom Bus bar Fabrication: We are dedicated to the quality fabrication of Busbar, Laminated Busbars and Copper Ground Busbars to the exact specifications of OEM customers. Many years of experience with the technicalities of working with copper, a softer metal than steel, and one that requires extra skill when fabricating busbars. Virtually all core metalworking capabilities, all based on CNC technology. Custom made parts and equipment includes shear, presses, press breaks and punching machines, to produce materials, processes, and finished components engineered to meet standards required by ISO 9001, ASTM, UL, CSA, Bellcore, and other testing/standards bodies. Bus bar connectors and busbar electroplating of tin, lead, tin/lead alloys and silver, lead times critical OEM delivery requirements are reduced. Plus internal plating is more cost effective - Delaware County, PA and Philadelphia, PA.
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