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Attic Ventilation - Most Important. The proper installation of an attic fan, at the right location and with concern about make up (or intake air) could be the most dollar wise investment a property owner could make.   Attic Ventilators will prevent the two biggest problems for an attic: Heat and Moisture.

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Ventilation Equipment Chart - Ridge Vents & Power Vents


roof vent

Ridge Vents

power roof vent

Power Vents


- Concealed after installation

- Blends in with roof



Gable Mount


Roof Mount

Ease Of Installation

- Time

- Possibility of errors

- Number of components


New Roof





- Equal to life of roof

- Maintain ventilation over life of roof



Protection From Elements

- Resists rain, snow, wind

- Resists blockage from debris

- Resists animal & insect access




- Operates quietly




- Relative cost to buy & install

Excellent / Good

Fair / Good

Energy Performance

- Energy efficient




- Installs on any roof design




- Operates in all environments



The most important aspect of attic ventilation is for drying internal moisture which develops during the heating season.  Internal moisture refers to the condensation of more humid interior air when it escapes to cold wall and attic cavities.  Warm air can hold more moisture in vapor form than cold air.  When that warm air cools, it releases the vapor in the form of condensation. When the ventilation in the attic is not sufficient to dry this condensation, a house can experience mildew buildup, wood rot, delamination of subroofs,.  peeling exterior paint, and other problems.

The solar-powered attic fan can also prevent heat build-up.  A hot attic transfers heat into living spaces, which makes both utility bills and temperatures very high.  In colder weather, when heat builds up in an attic, it causes snow to melt and run down at the eaves where it freezes, causing destructive ice damming.  A solution to this is The Solar Star™ Roof Mount VentŪ. It pulls out hot air and moisture from the attic and releases it to the outside.  It will reduce heat build up, reduce air conditioning costs, and prevent ice damming.

Most houses today don't have good ventilation and air exchange.  That brings high humidity levels from everyday activities like showers, laundry and cooking.  The moisture moves through the ceiling towards the roof where it comes in contact with the cold structure.  This causes ice and frost to form, bringing damage to your roof structure.  Also, moisture can saturate insulation and build up fungal decay.  Solar Star™ provides excellent ventilation which greatly reduces damaging condensation, protect insulation from moisture saturation, fight mold and fungal decay, and reduce heating costs.

Attic ventilation is one of the most important factors affecting the long term health of a house.  Wood rot, mildew, peeling exterior paint, rusty nails and structural steel, roofing deterioration, energy losses, and other problems are often the direct result of inadequate attic ventilation.  Wood damaging pests such as carpenter ants and termites are attracted to moisture buildup and rot which is often caused by inadequate ventilation.

Improving ventilation conditions can often be accomplished with low to moderate cost expenditures.  Once a homeowner understands the problems associated with poor ventilation, there is usually a willingness to make these improvements.  In a home inspection, the buyer usually will accept the responsibility to improve the ventilation because of the low cost and because of the argumentative nature of the subject.  However, when there is significant damage from poor ventilation such as delaminated subroof with substantial mildew buildup, improving the ventilation becomes secondary to repairing the damage.

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