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Whether you need a simple Doorbell Intercom, an Elderly Residence Intercom System or a Video Intercom with Commercial Intercom Access Control.
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Air conditioning, A/C thru-wall Units, Electrical, Dishwashers, Appliances, New Heating Units and Heat Pumps, HVAC ceiling Fans, Plumbing and Public Restrooms, Sinks & Faucets, Tankless and Standard Water Heaters.

Multi-Tenant Surveillance Systems, Telephone System Wiring and Internet Network Wiring. Parking Lot Services for lighting, signs and automatic Gates. Security System and Fire System Design and Installation.
Ask the Experts about the cost of separating each of the utilities. The property codes that apply, and legal aspects of the landlord's concerns. Commercial tenant expansion limitations. "The House Meter". Locations and accessibility. Separate ductwork problems. Locations for the circuit breaker panels. The energy saving benefits of splitting up power between tenants. Thermostat locations. The combined costs of Construction, Mechanicals, Electricals and Plumbing.
Apartment Upgrades, Electrical.
Handicap Ramp, High Rise Delivery, Office, Retail Store, Apartment Make-Over, Multi-Dwelling, Fire Alarms.
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Landlords' Maintenance Responsibilities Under most state and local laws, you must offer and maintain housing that satisfies basic habitability requirements, such as adequate weatherproofing, available heat, water and electricity, and clean, sanitary, and structurally safe premises. Local building or housing codes typically set specific standards, such as the minimum requirements for light, ventilation, and electrical wiring. Many cities require the installation of smoke detectors in residential units and specify security measures involving locks and keys. Your local building or housing authority, and health or fire department, can provide information on local housing codes (and penalties for violations). Electric Shocks - Wiring Is the wiring in good condition? Look out for any fraying or if it looks particularly old. Are there enough plug sockets for your needs or would you be running the risk of overloading the existing sockets? Dodgy Plugs? Check that the plugs don't overheat when switched on or don't have yellowy stains. Working Lights? Switch on all overhead lighting to check that it works. Appliances Working? If appliances such as a fridge freezer or oven are included, check that they work. Electricity and Gas Properly Checked? By law, all landlords have to carry out annual gas safety inspections with a CORGI registered engineer and provide tenants with a copy of the Gas Safety Certificate. Gas Attack? Gas appliances can carry the risk of carbon monoxide - test for this by ensuring that flames burn yellow or orange rather than blue, and look out yellow or brown stains on or around appliances. Some landlords provide carbon monoxide detectors but this isn't (yet) a legal requirement. A fixed wiring cert is needed for all properties to be let to 4 or more people. Below this, there is no obligation for wiring tests. Any appliances provided by landlords should have a current PAT Test sticker on the plugs or a cert in the property file.

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