UPS Systems,  "the un-interruptible" power supply.
Commercial Grade UPS - for continuous, clean, steady power supply electrical current.
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These power supply units come in a wide range in order to suit the particular needs for continuous power.   They also serve well to prevent electrical in-stability, such as voltage dips and surges, harmonics, or voltage spikes. These disruptions can cause serious harm to sensitive electrical equipment, particularly during the critical processing or production stages of an operation. To reduce the risk of power supply distortion, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems are often incorporated in electrical networks. UPS systems provide reliable, high-quality power flow for sensitive electrical load equipment and are commonly found in industrial processing applications, medical facilities, emergency equipment, telecommunications, and computerized data systems. A UPS system can be a helpful tool for ensuring proper power supply performance.

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Line-interactive UPS system that eliminates unnecessary reboots and transfers to battery power, extends battery life and ensures greater availability of common IT applications such as desktop computers, professional workstations and other sensitive electronics.
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Advance warning of UPS system status and shutdown
Lightning and surge protection and RJ-45 port for data line surge protection




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