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LED Lighting for Business and Industry.   INFO on LED Lamps.
  LED   -  Light Emitting Diode Recessed Lighting in the 21st century. Saves Energy & Saves Money.  Sustainable lighting for every purpose.  Maintenance-free for healthcare, task lighting for commercial spaces, unique benefits for retailers, comfortable illumination for the home.
...YES, we got'em and install them for LESS!
LEDs provide the low energy, long life solutions to lighting in special cases. Light bulbs made with LEDs offer clean pure white light and great colors!
Commercial, Industrial, Office, Multi-Dwelling, Institutional, Interior, Exterior.

LED light bulbs are shock and vibration resistant.
LED bulbs in some cases have direct screw-in replacement kits.  

Change the internal components of any exterior lighting fixture to accept the efficient LED lights.

Examples of jobs by Able Group Inc. on LED Lighting

Electrical Evaluation for Commercial Properties.
 High Reach Parking lot lighting service.
  Energy Savings for Multi-Tenant Properties.
 Electrical Inspection Service.

The LED components have a life expectancy of over 11.5 years.  After that they still operate, but at a lower level.  When converting to LED lighting your commercial property may qualify for tax incentives.  LED lights are maintenance free.  They are the ultimate in modern technology.  

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Recent LED products and ways to fit your existing fixtures. The term for this is called - retro-fit.
The lighting for large areas will have quick pay-back results due the both energy and maintenance.
We'll do the research in dollars and cents.  The lighting fixtures for public areas and retro-fitting existing fixtures will provide the energy savings results.  We are electrical contractors for commercial and industrial properties all around Philadelphia.   Lighting consultants and energy evaluations.
1000 watt MH fixtures use only
180 watts in LED lamps

That's why we are "The Able Group"

LEDs are better! Light bulbs with high power LEDs provide long life. Light bulbs made with LEDs offer clean pure white light and great colors!

LED TUBE WALL LIGHT Tube 1 is a new architectural LED wall light that is suitable for indoor and outdoor installations. The fixtures is powered by a 3 Watt LED with driver
LED LIGHT DISC  Price: $185
LED TIN WALL  Price: $170

Halo LED lighting units are perfect for low maintenance public spaces.  Restaurants, hotels and night-time businesses can lower electric bills and maintenance costs by using the Halo LED downlight.  Lighting units last about eleven years based on twelve hours use per day.

Cooper Lighting's LED's can create maintenance-free lighting for healthcare, patient rooms and recovery rooms.  Energy efficient fixtures saves energy and LED's long life makes less maintenance costs.  A warm white color temperature makes a familiar home-like environment.  Halo LED lights give light output like traditional lighting, while saving energy and getting rid of the inconvenient constant maintenance.

LED lighting units don't give out ultraviolet or infrared wavelengths, so garments and fabrics can be lightened without deterioration of color.  An LED doesn't give out heat like the usual lights, which reduces the load on air conditioning.  Quality visual design gives light output and distribution as good as incandescent lamp lighting.  It makes an enjoyable illuminated environment with its great cutoff, color quality and a warm white color temperature.

One of the benefits of LED Lighting is that it introduces revolutionary lighting technology.  Also known as "Solid State Lighting", LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.  An LED is made up of different semi-conductor materials and when an electrical current passes through the diode, the recombination of positive and negative charges within the different compositions results in the emission of visible light.  There is a constant demand by environmental and legislative awareness for energy efficient lighting solutions in residential and commercial properties.  Another benefit is that it reduces the impact of lighting on the environment.  Lighting and all energy consuming products are impacted by the supply of fossil fuels.  Lighting fixtures make up a huge part of electric utility bills.  Energy legislation that has been established to reduce consumption is driving changes in lighting technology.  High efficiency products that have lower energy consumption is the future of lighting.

You can change one incandescent lamp to a HALO LED recessed downlight and you will save hundreds of dollars over the life of the fixture.  The Halo LED lighting unit consumes 75% less energy than a 65 watt BR30 incandescent lamp.  Over 70% of the first light output is maintained after 50,000 hours of operation.  They last five times longer than a fluorescent or fifty times longer than an incandescent source.
Information on Parking Area Security Lighting - Retro-fitted to LED.

Halo LED lighting units have several great features .  They give excellent light quality, consume 75% less energy compared to a 65W BR30 incandescent lamp.  You can use them in new construction or existing applications.  They use less than 15 watts.   600 lumen output.  Projected 50,000 hour life.  Greater than 40 lumens per watt.  They're dimmable, designed to last, basically maintenance free, and include a three year limited warranty

If you have new construction, you can save money and lower energy costs from the beginning with a dedicated Title 24 Compliant housing.  The H750ICAT housing is already wired to accept only the Halo LED module. Install H750ICAT in joists and make wiring connections.  Connect LED module with housing wiring.  Install LED Module with trim in H750ICAT housing.  For existing forms with Halo H7 or ALL-PRO housings installed already, changing to Halo LED is easy.   The LED modules can be installed using the Edison screw-base adapter that is included with the Halo LED module.  No certain tools or rewiring is needed.  Remove trim (and socket plate if present) from existing Halo H7 or ALL-PRO E700 housing.  Install Edison screw-base adapter into recessed housing socket.  Plug Edison screw-base cable connector onto LED module.  Clip housing socket onto LED module bracket.  Install LED module with trim in existing housing.

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